We Show you How to Get Started with the VA Refinance Process!

military family-VA Refinance Process-how to get startedThe VA Refinance Process is real easy. In fact, most VA Refinances do not even require an appraisal. In most cases, income documentation is not required. This really eliminates time in finalizing the transaction. VA is content with allowing Veterans that pay their mortgage on time, and assist on lowering the interest rate and monthly payment. California Veterans Home Loan Center encourages Veterans to refinance and save money. Use your extra savings for a trip, or home repairs. The VA administration is trying to help, so take advantage now. Our expert loan officers and staff are standing by to help you begin your VA refinance process.

Getting Started with VA Refinance Process is Simple!

Step 1
The first phone call — Once you’ve completed our brief questionnaire, one of our expert VA Loan refinancing experts will be in contact with you soon.  Go to our home page to fill out the form.

On this initial call, your VA Loan specialist will discuss your current mortgage, financial situation and goals for refinancing and help determine the best option for you.

Step 2
Getting pre-approved — In order get pre-approved for your VA refinancing, your VA Loan specialist will work with you to complete your application and submit it to the VA.

During this phase, you’ll be backed by the advantage of our expert knowledge and state-of-the-art technology that enables us to quickly and easily get preapproval for your loan.

Step 3
The Final Stage of the VA Refinance Process — Your VA Loan specialist will work with you and the VA throughout the approval process. For cash-out loans, this includes setting up any necessary appraisals and obtaining proof of eligibility.

Once this stage is completed and the VA approves your refinance, you’ll just need to sign off on the final loan to start enjoying the great savings or, for cash-out loans, receive the cash you’ve earned from the equity in your home.