VA Home Loan Mortgage Payment Calculator

This free VA Home Loan calculator from Veterans United Home Loans gives you a snapshot of what your monthly payments would be with a VA Loan. Use this mortgage calculator to determine your monthly payments and find the right home to fit your budget.

If you have a price range of the home you wish to purchase, just contact us and our company will supply a monthly payment chart according to the price range. Our Monthly Payment Chart will also include property taxes and homeowners insurance. This is really helpful when you are looking at homes.

In addition, our company will supply a Pre-Approval letter to present to your realtor or potential seller. The letter will stipulate the greatest amount of qualification pertaining to your income. This procedure and letter will give your offer more clout over other buyers. Our entire contact information, including address, phone number, and email will be included on the pre-approval letter. The number one reason why a seller will accept an offer is the offer price, but secondly, the seller wants to make sure the potential buyer is a capable buyer with financing already in place. It's imperative in today's real estate market to be viewed as a serious buying candidate. Use the resources that California Veterans Home Loan Center has available. We are here to help all of our Veterans. The more we can help you the better.

Another additional resource we can provide is an approximate breakdown of your income tax benefits. Of course, we are not accountants, but we are able to supply approximate yearly interest write-offs based on the loan amount and the interest rate given. This enables buyers to distinguish the tax benefit of owning a home instead of renting. You will see the tax benefits are a big tax savings in most cases.